Fall Pool Care Tips

Texas Pool and Spa, LLC

As we approach the fall season, pool care priorities change with the weather.  If you’re a DIY looking for fall tips or one of our valued customers, we would like to share with you some important keys to success for proper fall pool care.

  1. Leaves, leaves and more leaves,,,,  One of the most important tasks during the fall is keeping up with the leaves and other debris in the pool.  As leaves turn, it is amazing how your pool acts like a vacuum, attracting not only your leaves, but your neighbor’s as well!  It is the time of year that your pool service tech earns their keep.  It is very important that the leaves are netted and vacuumed regularly.  If left on bottom, the leaves will lead to staining, suction lines and skimmer clogging, and filteration system issues. 
  2. Chemical Treatments – As the temperatures cool off and pool usage decreases, the chemical demand also declines.  It is important that your water balance is tested regularly and chemical additions are adjusted with the fall changes.  Also keep in mind that the water actually has to cool off below 60 degrees before we are clear from Algae growth.  Too often we see pool owners cut back on chlorine levels too quickly, only to end up with a green pool.
  3. Pool Equipment – It is important that pool equipment should be inspected to ensure proper circulation and cleaning for the fall season.  In order to avoid winter freeze issues, the fall is the perfect time to make sure your equipment is in tip top shape.  
  4. Pool Heaters – Many of our customers extend their swim season by utilizing their heaters.  It is also time to enjoy that spa!  Personally, we enjoy our spa as much as the pool, especially as the weather cools.  Nothing is more frustrating for busy families to make time to enjoy the spa, only to discover the heater is not functioning properly.  To avoid this, we recommend that you arrange a heater inspection/service according to the manufacture’s recommendations.
  5. Pump Run Times – As the temperature turns cold, your run times can be reduced.  No two pools are the same so work with your pool technician on determining the proper run times for your circulation system.  Our advice is to gradually make adjustments based on the following guideline:
    1. Summertime - 10 to 12 hours per day
    2. Fall - 6 to 8 hours per day
    3. Winter - 4 to 6 hours per day
  6. Water Level – Please keep a close watch on your water levels during the fall.  Often we lower our guard and forget that water evaporation still occurs in the fall.  While the evaporation loss is reduced, we want to remind you that it is very important that your water level is properly managed. 
  7. Filter Cleanings – Fall is a perfect time to catch up on those filter cleanings that are over due.  With the added workload on your filter system from the leaves and debris, it is important that your filter is clean and functioning properly.

As we enter the fall season, it is a time to enjoy a quieter time with our families, and all of us at Texas Pool and Spa are focused on providing you quality pool cleaning and maintenance service allowing you to enjoy your pool or spa without the hassle of netting leaves or fighting a pool vacuum.  

We wish you all a very happy fall season!

Chad and Seth